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Rome officially announced the signing of Bradley

Italy local time on July 15, the Club of Rome in its official website confirmed on the season, Chievo United States midfielder Bradley officially joined the team. After several days of final negotiations, the two sides signed the final four years, a fee of € 3.75 million, at the same time, the Roman half ownership of the team in Romania midfielder Stowe Ian the low price of € 500,000 was sold to Chievo Stowe Ian next season will Chievo effect. Bradley became the first three signings after the young Brazilian left back a lot and defender Kasi Tan, completed in Rome in the summer transfer market.

Bradley midfield, now 24 years old midfielder and in avant-garde play, his ability to run strong, excellent defense, there are certain organizations the ability to attack. His debut in the Major League club MetroStars team, he landed in 2006 the Eredivisie arena to join Heerenveen, began to enter the European Footballer of the line of sight. He later made their places in the Bundesliga, Borussia Moenchengladbach gradually, was also briefly the second half of the 2010-11 season on loan to Premier League Aston Villa. 2011-12 season, Bradley move to Serie A Chievo, the season total for the team playing 34 league games and scored 1 goal, excellent performance between the fans as he won the title of "generals" and has attracted from the eyes of Rome.

2006 Bradley with the U.S. national team Civil war, he participated in the Confederations Cup including the 2009 World Cup in 10 years, including multi-session contest, he scored the game against Slovenia in the World Cup in South Africa after the crucial goals hug his coach father Bradley picture is fresh. Now he has 69 games of experience in international competition, has made 10 goals.

Americans have always wanted to stay at Rome, Di Benedetto marked "U.S. mark for his team previously worked with Premiership players Dempsey came over transfer rumors. Czech coach coach Zeman malignancy Rome to the general manager Rory Sabbatini require the introduction of a midfielder player with outstanding ability to intercept, so last season to join the "flying donkey" outstanding Bradley logical.By Misty 07.16.2012

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Liverpool lucky officially left the band

British local time on July 13, Liverpool Football Club in its official website officially confirmed Argentine winger Maxi - Rodriguez officially left the team after coach Rogers has expressed the hope that Maxi leave. Maxi will return to their home team, joining A A crack Newells Old Boys in the landing of the La Liga, he had spent three years in Newell.

Aged 31 Maxi - Rodriguez from La Liga Atletico Madrid to Liverpool in January 2010, total in all competitions for the Reds played 73 times, scoring 19 goals. The performances of the the Maxi highest light hat-trick for Birmingham and Fulham in 2011. The same year away against Chelsea, Maxi also key goals are stated, and that season he scored 10 league goals for Liverpool.

Excellent technology of Maxi efficient known actor in Liverpool has been a blessing will be the role. Had never locked the main absolute position of the team, but as long as the Maxi played the game, Liverpool will always have good luck accompanied. Maxi scored all nine Premier League, Liverpool made a bright record of eight wins and a draw. 2011-12 season just past, whenever Maxi play in the match, Liverpool winning up to 75%, with the team's record to form a clear contrast, lined up his scoring efficiency 2,90.9% passing success rate is the highest in the team list.

Liverpool Football Club official website wrote: "Liverpool everyone will feel Xiemakexi contribution to the team and wish him all the luck in the future." Subsequently, the Maxi in the official website published an open letter he wrote in the letter. for Liverpool game is a great honor, he had a great time at Anfield, and to thank the fans to give his support. He also referred to can hear the team in the stands singing their own name, is his greatest glory.By Misty 07.14.2012

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Berlusconi confirmed that the 62 million sale of Ibrahimovic and

Italian authoritative media Gazzetta dello Sport "message, the AC Milan president Silvio Berlusconi admitted that Milan have been sold Tiago - Silva and Ibrahimovic, Tony always said:" Yes, I have to Tiago - Silva and Ibrahimovic was sold to Paris St Germain! we will save 150 million euros for the next two years. "the same time, Ibrahimovic agent Layiaola, at the moment is with Paris Saint-Germain, general manager of Leonard, the transfer negotiations. he for Yi Busuo To € 15 million after-tax after-tax high annual salary.

It is learned that Tiago - Silva and Ibrahimovic's transfer fee total will reach 62 million euros, of which Tiago - Silva for 42 million euros, Ibrahimovic is 20 million euros. Ibrahimovic and Milan left on his contract for 2 years, his annual salary of € 9,000,000, and another 3 million euros of variable bonuses, if you count the taxes of his remaining contract value of € 48 million. Tiago - Silva just shortly before the Milan renewal in 2017, five years before expiration of the contract of his annual salary of € 6,000,000, the same count the tax, the total value of his remaining contract for 60 million euros. Plus the sale of 62 million euros in two, so Milan will have a total profit of 170 million euros for economic power is no longer sufficient Milan, huge amounts of money is undoubtedly a shot in the arm.

The day before yesterday, Ibrahimovic agent Layiaola, with Milan vice president Adriano Galliani as long as four hours of meeting, as early as Wednesday Layiaola had started to lobby Ibrahimovic. 15:30 pm on Thursday, Layiaola arrived in Paris to discuss the treatment of Ibrahimovic Leonardo. Prior to this, Leonardo confirmed in an interview with RMC radio that "Ibrahim to join only the contractual issues. "L'Equipe" and "Le Parisien newspaper," the authority of the law of the two media agreed that: Ibrahimovic may have already agreed to join Paris. Message from a reporter at the scene, according to the Milan News Ibrahimovic possible three-year contract with Paris Saint-Germain, his annual salary will be up to as many as 15 million euros, 12 million euros inconsistent with previously reported, it is may be the result of Layiaola efforts at the negotiating table. Not yet officially announced the transfer, the Leonardo-lipped about the interview is very tight: "I confirm that talks are underway with anything is possible."

AC Milan once the sale of the team star is proud of, however, troubled in recent years, the economic capacity is no longer sufficient Berlusconi has been unable to continue to fulfill his promise. In 2006, Shevchenko worth € 46 million move to Chelsea opened the Milan star to leave the first of its kind. Earlier rejected Manchester City's € 100 million offer in 2009, Kaka of Milan in the six months after the € 68 million worth sold to Real Madrid. Now Berlusconi trick a replay, refused to Paris a wave offensive to € 62 million package to sell Silva and Ibrahimovic star, Milan is very likely to use the funds to offensive Galliani favorite the long Tevez and the dominant factors.By Misty 07.13.2012

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Arsenal released a new season away jersey: black purple hue

Arsenal today released a new season away jersey, new jersey Black and Purple horizontal immediately can be scheduled, are also invited to the Arsenal fans, the popular music group Rizzle Kicks came to help out, they concocted a new album, "Demolition Man"MV, Rizzle Kicks will wear this new jersey unveiled

Even three Arsenal players involved in the shooting, Chamberlain, Song and Gibbs, Arsenal's official website, then introduced the Road, this new road jersey purple designed to commemorate the the 1890s Retailer in south London Popovich District arsenal the establishment of the Royal Arsenal, red sleeve edge adds a modern, black neck ring sides are embroidered with the motto of Arsenal Football Club Victoria the Concordia Crescit lateral is to the Arsenal legendary coach Chapman WM Zhenshi tribute.

While the socks also have a red the bars, is also a tribute to the glory of the Chapman era, but also the Arsenal players to find his teammates on the field when it comes to this new jersey, Song said : "I think this new design is very good, I is a very stylish, I am very happy when I see these colors, a different set of jersey last season, the set and put it on, I'm really excited, I might to get some hair to match it. "

Arsenal's official website also mentioned that this Nike shirt also incorporates environmentally friendly elements, each set of uniforms, including shirt and shorts are made from 13 recycled drinking bottles, and will be 23% lighter than the average shirt, the new jersey is now available for pre-launched at the store will have to wait until August 9, priced pounds 45 and pounds 35 (children).By Misty 07.12.2012

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Tottenham official announced the Vertonghen joining

After success as a coach hired Portuguese Boas, the English Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur to flex its muscles in the transfer market. Tottenham announced on its official website, the team has reached an agreement with the Eredivisie Ajax Vertonghen to join as long as the 25-year-old Belgian defender to pass a medical examination, he will put on the white shirt of Tottenham.
Although the White Hart Lane would not disclose specific details of the deal, the goal net estimates, however, in order to get the Belgian defender, the Spurs to the Ajax paid 9.5 million pounds transfer fee. According to Holland, "The Telegraph" revealed through the examination of the Tottenham Vertonghen will get a four-year contract after the expiry of first refusal for two years, a total of six years long contract!
Tottenham's official website so describe who will join the backcourt Titans: 2011/12 season, the significance for the 25-year-old Vertonghen, the Belgian international has reached a new height, he became the A Jax's captain, and team to win a second consecutive Eredivisie league championship. "
Tottenham's official website continues: "last season Vertonghen scored 10 goals in 37 games, to attack the performance of a good guard awarded the best players of the Eredivisie league season, Ajax club player of the year two awards. since joining Ajax in 2006, Vertonghen played 220 times, scoring 28 goals, he left their deep imprint in the Dutch League. "
For Chinese fans, Vertonghen is absolutely not a "stranger", because in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games men's soccer game, he was representative of the Belgian Olympic team with the Chinese Olympic team competition, is served Zheng in the first 63 minutes eat the red card, is due to an elbow Vertonghen in the midfield battle. It can be said that the Chinese Olympic team that makes the unforgettable 0-2 defeat thanks to a certain extent, Vertonghen gift.
Vertonghen has a wide range of suitors in the Premier League, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger will have been hoping to bring it to the Emirates Stadium. Ultimately, however, Tottenham gain an advantage in this season's north London derby at White Hart Lane has been before the next city.By Misty 07.09.2012

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